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   We are at the Lions Club at 10:00 this Saturday morning 2/25/17.  We will also have the PREPGolf players at the El Dorado Country Club at 9:00 am.  In the weeks ahead there will be golf practices on Saturday mornings at both locations.  Players and coaches will be made aware of where they go each weekend.     


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KidsNGolf Saturday Mornings  10:00am - 11:30am 
Lions Club Golf Course 
Ages 8-18   -   Clubs and balls provided

$25 per person for 10 weeks  -  KNG membership $35 for one year
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PREPGolf - 9:00 at El Dorado Country Club 

Advanced instruction for more experienced players.



Our KidsNGolf Executive Director, Art Noyes, is expanding his junior golf role here in our community.  He is going to be the interim Director of Golf Operations at the El Dorado Country Club.  This will not diminish his role with KidsNGolf and will in fact increase the resources we have available to reach kids and introduce them to the great game of golf!  Look for many opportunities soon at the Lions Club Golf Course as well as at the El Dorado Country Club.



      Oh Baby,    It’s cold  outside!

During the colder winter months, we often hear from parents and family, “Why in the world are you out there at the golf course?  It’s so cold.” 

Yes, it is cold. 

But consider this: football coaches run their guys through OTA’s in the heat of summer; baseball and softball coaches make their boys and girls run wind sprints ‘til their legs ache; basketball players run up and down the bleachers while they’re gasping for breath.  Why?

Excellence isn’t achieved in our spare time.  Victories aren’t won in an easy chair, in a warm bed or in front of the air conditioner! 

That “hated” coach who pushes you so hard at practice becomes your beloved mentor and inspiration at the end of a winning game or the close of a victorious season. 

But - this is just golf!! 

Yes, it is golf.

And to become the finest golfer you can be, you must travel the same road to excellence as does any other athlete, musician, artist or scholar.  You must work hard for it, you have to desire it passionately and you’re expected to earn it.  Golf is just as demanding a task as football, piano or algebra.


Thank You Kiwanis Club for your Donation to KidsNGolf



When our young golfers gather at the golf course on Saturday mornings in 40-degree weather, we call it “winning time.”  Why?  Because when it’s really cold, hot, windy, rainy or just generally miserable – most of the potential competitors have chosen to stay in bed.  But, those who are committed to winning – they’re on the golf course working on their games. 

Don’t discourage your young athletes or prevent their making a commitment to excellence and winning.  Celebrate that spirit!  Because it not only creates a better golfer.  It gives birth to the same desire that builds great students, outstanding citizens, dedicated parents and successful, productive men and women.

Hey, look at that weather.  It’s winning time!!