KidsNGolf provides equipment, training and curriculum at little or no cost to area kids and their families.


  • Four ten-week segments of golf instruction and life skills training throughout the year with three-week breaks in between.


  • Weekend gatherings for instruction, practice, teaching and discussion in local golf facilities. Additional opportunities to meet together   during the week for further instruction, practice and teaching.


  • Marking the close of each ten-week segment, a golf tournament and awards party to feature not only golf success, but more importantly, growth and understanding of life values, personal disciplines and people skills development. 

  • Coordinate with SouthArk Junior Golf (SAJG) to provide regular junior golf tournaments in this region at a reasonable cost.

  • Partner with our area schools to promote these activities enabling more young people to benefit.


  • Work closely with our area’s golf facilities and parks and civic leaders to provide ample space   for our programs.


  • Maintain a high level of approval with our area’s youth, parents and community leaders.


  • Create an Advisory Council from area underwriters, leaders, coaches and parents to give guidance and stability to the program allowing it to more effectively serve the community.

Golf's Life Skills & Values:

1.     Love of the Game

Golf is a Great game.

2.      Confidence

You can do this, yes you can.

3.      Growth

Always be improving. 

4.      Focus

Have a target. 

5.      Work Hard & Have Fun

They do go together.

6.      Perseverance

Finish what you start.

7.      Integrity

Honesty on the course and in life.

8.      Respect

Accept others as friends.

9.      Responsibility

It’s up to you.

10.   Victory

      There's more to winning than the score.

11.  Punctuality

       Be on time - it shows  


 12. Dependability

        Be someone others can

        rely on.

Ten-week basic golf skills segments "golf semesters"


There will be an initial emphasis on grip, alignment, address, swing, weight shift, rhythm, contact and follow through. The various facets of the game will also be taught; knowing your equipment, driving, woods, irons, putting, scoring, knowing the golf course, golf etiquette, understanding and appreciating the game.


Kids join the program with varying levels of talent, strength and golf experience. Some improve more quickly than others so special attention is given to maintain the ratios of instructors to students so individual attention can be given when required. The goal is for participants to learn the component parts of the game well enough to be able to play on a course.


As we begin to have more and more kids learning and enjoying the game, we encourage people in the community to take these kids out with them to play 9 holes or even 18 holes from time to time. Young people will have the chance to experience what many of us have; to see what a relationship-building game golf can be. Kids will come to know and appreciate our community at a much more personal level after having the chance to play a round of golf with area civic, school, business and other community leaders.