PREPGolf: advanced golf for juniors.


During the summer, our regular Saturday  PREPGolf gatherings will be moved to Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00 am. at the El Dorado Country Club.  We will still be focusing on these major topics below.


            SMART GOLF – winning strategy and playing with a plan.

                        Play your game.  It doesn’t matter who is on the tee with you.

             MEET THE PRO – the importance of having a relationship with a

                        Qualified Teaching Professional

            FITNESS – conditioning, flexibility, stamina & strength. 

                        (Walk w/ your bag)  Good diet and health habits.

            WOODS – hitting your Driver and fairway woods

                        Smooth, tempo, balance 80%

            IRONS – hitting greens

                        Center of the green – one more club

            THE MENTAL GAME – mental strength, self-control and confidence

                        Managing fear, doubt & 'stupidity'

            STICKS – making sure you have the right equipment for you

                        Clubs matched to your size and game

            DIALING FOR DISTANCE – know how far you hit all your clubs

                        Eliminate indecision during the round

            THE SHORT GAME – scoring with your wedges

                        The Silver Bullet!

            PUTTING – saving strokes on the green

                        The Other Silver Bullet!!

            CHARACTER – values and disciplines of golf enhance our lives

                        Integrity and character are more important than your golf swing

            GIVING BACK – mentoring young players and serving your community

                        No room for selfish, ‘self-made’ golfers

One of our special events this summer is a chance to hear and meet Forrest Schultz, the head golf coach at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, AR   He will speak to us at the El Dorado Country Club on Tuesday, July 25 at 11:00 am.  Hope to see you there.

    Along  with  advanced  curriculum  and  instruction, each PREPGolf player will be directed to establish an ongoing  relationship  with  an  area  teaching  pro  to ensure  that  our   'good  players'   become  the  'best players' they can be. 

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