KidsNGolf, El Dorado Schools and El Dorado Country Club have partnered to bring golf instruction and golf's life skills training to students at Barton Junior High and El Dorado High School. 

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This web-site page will be used to regularly provide up-to-date information about class assignments, activities, scheduling changes and any other necessary details students will need.   


Go to the KidsNGolf Facebook page to see the Channel 10 TV News coverage we got.   And see the article about our classes in the El Dorado News-Times.    

High School and Junior High golf class students;  please be on time for our classes on your school campus Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Thursdays please do not be late for the bus going to the Country Club because our time there is limited. Be sure to wear some type of athletic or tennis shoes.  Sandals, heels, boots, etc., won't give you proper footing. 

We will provide the golf clubs,  practice golf balls, curriculum and instruction.  

Typically, Tuesday will be full swing practice on the hitting mats using the "Birdie Balls."  Wednesday will be a classroom session.  Thursday we will take the bus to the Country Club for short game and putting instruction and practice. 

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, from 4:00 to 5:30, join us at the El Dorado Country Club to practice the things we have been working on in our classes.  These afternoons give you extra instruction and more time to practice and "get the hang of it."   

In the  weeks ahead,  get into the  habit of checking this site and  page for  necessary  information about class  materials,  topics,  scheduled  activities  and assignments.   AND - be sure you are familiar with who Richard Crawford, Jimmy Howard and Davis Love Jr. are.  They are all three local El Dorado men we need to know about.   It was good to hear Mr. Jimmy Howard in our class recently.