Executive Director: Art Noyes


Art has been described by those who know him best as an individual who is able to build relationships, trust and rapport. From those relationships come partnerships, team and the ability to get things done. For more than thirty years, Art has been creating and directing programs for youth instruction, guidance, recreation and personal development in the non-profit as well as corporate arenas. As a pastor, coach, teacher and trainer, Art has blended athletic instruction with leadership, counseling and teaching in order to help young people develop character, sound decision making skills and personal confidence.


There is no magic formula with kids. However, after years of youth work, Art has come to recognize that the game of golf is an excellent vehicle for guiding and teaching young people.  While learning to play and enjoy the game of golf, young people come to appreciate the unique values and disciplines that are inherent in the game; patience, respect, honesty, commitment, responsibility and focus.


A graduate of Pacific Christian College with Masters studies at Southern California Graduate School of Theology and Pepperdine University, Art is conversational in German and Spanish with studies in Russian, Korean and Chinese, a Certified Marriage and Family Counselor in the State of California, a professional singer/soloist and an ardent supporter of organizations that sustain and encourage kids as they grow, discover and mature.