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KidsNGolf Arkansas


KidsNGolf Arkansas is about more than learning to play golf.  It combines learning the game of golf with learning how to be great at life.  

We want each of our young people to love the game of golf.   But more importantly, using golf as a platform, we teach and model the values and life skills necessary to lead an exceptional life. 

Golf is truly a microcosm of living.  Experiencing the challenges and rewards of the game on the course, players learn to apply and appreciate the significance of those lessons in their daily lives.       



To introduce life changing principles, disciplines and personal confidence in the lives of young people through the teaching and playing of the game of golf.

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We are now operating KidsNGolf chapters in Ouachita County at the Camden Country Club; in Ashley County at the Prairie Country Club; in Union County, our original location, at the Lions Club Golf Course and the El Dorado Country Club. 

We are also leading in a collaborative venture with the El Dorado Public Schools and the El Dorado Country Club.  The objective is to introduce the game and its many benefits to more and more junior high and high school students.   

And - in each location, our mission is the same. 




Create a team of community and corporate partners committed to providing opportunities for learning and playing golf which will bring about change in young people, families, schools and communities utilizing the values inherent in the game of golf.


KidsNGolf offers young people the chance to benefit from a model that has been successful in every part of the country.  By emphasizing and teaching the fundamental values of golf, KidsNGolf has shown consistent success in reaching goals that go far beyond the teaching of golf. Reduced drug and alcohol abuse, healthy outdoor recreation and less youth obesity, lower teen pregnancy rates, reduced high school drop-out numbers and an increase in the numbers of young people that go on to college. 


Coaches not only give golf instruction, they also provide important teaching and modeling in life skills, values and disciplines which help young people grow into healthier, more successful and confident people as they mature.


When young people play golf, their lives are enriched as they improve. Kids play the game and learn the value of integrity, health, respect, hard work, self-control and confidence as well as learn to love a game they will play for the rest of their lives.



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Many sports are popular, but typically winning comes at the expense of your opponent. However, golf can be very different.  In golf, ultimately you compete against yourself and contend with the design and hazards of the golf course. There is no one guarding you on defense, no hard fouls, no tackling.  You do your very best and encourage those you are playing with to do their best.  That’s how life should be. 


As it grows, the KidsNGolf program will benefit the community in a variety of ways:


(1) Young people who are a part of our golf program will be learning valuable life lessons, skills and disciplines that will challenge and equip them to be better students and young citizens.


(2) Kids who are serious golfers are not as likely to be having problems with drug and alcohol abuse, poor grades, teen pregnancy, dropping out of school, violence and other self destructive behaviors.


(3) The high school golf programs will begin having kids come in as freshmen who are already accomplished and experienced players.

(4)  Area schools will be able to partner with KidsNGolf enabling units of golf instruction and life skills training to be offered to students during PE classes.


(5) Young people who are a part of this golf program are more likely to be kids who choose to go on to college after high school.


(6) As more young people begin playing golf, their parents, friends, brothers and sisters and community leaders will join them on the area courses on a more regular basis. That is a good thing for the local courses and golf community.